Jeppe Matzen

Journalist and Author

As a journalist and foreign correspondent Jeppe Matzen has written about international politics for more than 20 years and covered countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and India for Danish newspapers.

Today Jeppe writes about Europe and in particular Britain, which he has covered since 2012 for the Danish newspapers Weekendavisen and Information. Brexit has become an expertise, and Jeppe frequently appears on Danish television as a commentator on British politics and society.

In earlier years his focus was on security policy and terrorism. He reported for 7 years about Pakistan and Afghanistan and also covered the Arab Spring in the Gulf States and the uprising in Libya. 

Jeppe has contributed to BBC, CBN, besides DR (Danish Broadcasting Cooperation), and TV2 Denmark. 

Jeppe has previously written the book, Israel Historie om Holocaust (Israels story about the Holocaust), which deals with Israeli nationhood, history and politics.

Currently Jeppe is writing a book about Brexit.